What is Adaptive Fast Charging and how does it work on Samsung Phones? Does it charge the battery faster?

It is no secret to anyone that the notice on your mobile:’battery at 1% please connect charger’ is the second most annoying thing in the world (The first is that your Samsung mobile restarts itself or freezes on the logo) but those days are over, how?

It’s all thanks to Adaptive Fast Charging, another wonder of the Samsung company that has enchanted millions of people around the world, but what exactly is it and how does it work? Here, as always, we will explain everything easily.

What does Adaptive Fast Charging mean?

It is the name of a small, but powerful charging adapter, what makes it so popular is that it allows “fast charging” in less than an hour your mobile will be 100% chargedWithout a doubt, you will no longer have the typical annoyance of waiting hours for your phone to charge to continue with that conversation that was becoming so good.

What could be better than that? Well, after charging the battery will last up to 8 hours, maybe more if you also apply some tips to make the battery last longer charged.

Up to this point you are probably wondering How is it that this little adapter can do so much? We easily explain how it works.

What is considered fast charging?

What is considered fast mobile charging?

Fast charging is considered to be mobile phones whose characteristics exceed the average speed to reach 0 to 100% charge. Varies greatly from model and range of equipment. Currently it is considered fast charging from 20 Watts of power, although there are already mobiles developed by Xiaomi capable of charge at a power of up to 200 Watts still in development.

How does the fast charge of Samsung mobiles work?

To make a battery charge faster, the charging power must be increased. (more voltage and amperage), this simple principle was developed by manufacturers over the years until we had the concept of ‘fast charging’ that we know today.

Adaptive Fast Charging fast charging is divided into two cyclesthe first is when in a few minutes the power of the adapter makes the battery quickly charge up to 50% of its capacity, due to this it is quite common for your phone to overheat.

Fast charging can be activated when your Samsung mobile has a very low charge of less than 20% or 15% at the time you connect the charger to electricity. allocates a large amount of voltage to the device’s battery without suffering any type of damage, since its architecture allows it.

When the percentage of charge reaches 80% the voltage drops significantly, this is where you should be more careful, because if you increase the voltage it can damage the battery, so if you want to charge it to 100% you just have to wait a little longer to keep your device safe.

With this in mind, suppose your phone is at 0%, when using Adaptive Fast Charging you will notice that your phone charges up to 50% faster than normal. But everything is different if it is at 75%, since it will take almost the same time to reach 100% as a common adapter, for what we explained above.

You should be about to buy your own Fast Charging adapter. But remember how we mentioned that your phone can overheat? Most batteries have little chips that stop charging when the charge is too high, but they can sometimes fail. How can you be sure that your mobile battery can withstand the power of Fast Charginig? We will explain it to you briefly.

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Which Samsung phones are compatible with Adaptive Fast Charging?

You can find out if your Samsung mobile has a fast charge in the information that is on the charger labels, in the device manual or in the mobile battery itself, values ​​must be greater than 5V (5 volts) and 1 or 1.5A (1 or 1.5 amps)

If for some reason your charger does not have the labels, you do not have the device manual or you do not see the information on the battery, you can go to the browser of your mobile or PC and place the brand and model of your device in the search engine or, in ‘Settings>Battery’ you can also see the information.

It’s that easy to make sure you don’t have problems when buying your Adaptive Fast Charging What are you waiting to buy it? You may see on Amazon the purchase information of this adapter.

Types of fast charging on Samsung

Samsung mobiles have a fast charging technology called Super Fast Charging which is based on a USB-PD PPS system, that is, you can connect it with generic fast charge chargers.

There is also the Super Fast Charging 2.0 It supports up to 45W, although the S2 range under fast charging to 25W and 15W with wireless charges.

10 W

the power of fast charging depends on device rangea mobile with 10W is already considered a fast charge, to recognize if your device has 10W power, you only have to look at the charger.

You should look at the label of the original charger and verify if it indicates 5V/2ª this will indicate that it supports powers of 10W.

18 W

To identify if your device supports 18W power the original charger must indicate 9V/2A, this indicates that it supports power of 18W.

Another way is to go to the settings and in the ‘battery’ option it will tell you all the information you need about the type of cargofrom the voltage to the battery level and what type of charge it has.

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Activate fast charging on Samsung phones

To be able to activate fast charging From your Samsung phone, the first thing you will do is enter the ‘settings’, then you will go to ‘Device maintenance’, press ‘battery’ and go to the three points in the upper right corner.

Once there you will press on the ‘advanced settings’ option and choose ‘fast cable charging’ by moving the switch, This way the fast charge will be activated of your phone.

How do I know if my phone is charging fast?

To know if your phone has the fast charging option activated, you must connect it and observe on the lock screen, there will be displayed the information about the loadit will normally prompt you by saying ‘Fast Loading’.

If when you connect your mobile this phrase or some other animation does not appear that indicates that it is using fast chargingmost likely the option is disabled or the charger is faulty. Now when you connect your compatible phone with this option, you just have to look at the lock screen and you will know that fast charging is activated.